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Terms and Conditions

The website is owned and operated by Flower letter. By ordering the product and using this Website, you may agree to comply with the Flower Letter relationship with this Website in conjunction with the Privacy Policy and be bound by the following terms of use:

satisfaction guarantee

The 100% satisfaction guarantee applies only to the products and aspects of our services directly controlled by us. Warranty does not apply to issues we cannot control, such as inaccurate or incomplete addresses provided by customers or rejected shipments.

The summary of the resolution policy is as follows.

In the event of a damaged product being delivered, we will re-deliver the replacement for the damaged product. Please note that you may need to return the original product to receive a replacement.

After then, if we cannot fulfill your order, we will give you a full refund.

If we send the wrong product, we will send the right product again. Please note that you may need to return the original product you received.


Flower letter aims to become the best supplier of flower products. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please let us know within 24 hours of receipt, and we will try to resolve the situation as soon as practically possible. All products of our company are delivered manually. Unless time stated, the actual delivery time cannot be guaranteed. We deliver to most parts of Hong Kong but not all.

If the wrong delivery destination is selected and thectual delivery rate is higher than the selected delivery rate, the additiona al charge will be applied and the entire payment must be made before delivery. If the actual delivery rate is lower than the selected delivery rate, the difference refund will be paid.

We may resend flowers as part of our warranty, but we cannot refund them on the basis that the recipient is no longer there.

In the event of a failed delivery, we will not refund the order unless there is an error or duplicate order in the order process. We do not refund the order within 24 hours of receipt of the order, and do not refund it on the basis of late delivery or failure of delivery. But if the address is correct, we guarantee to resend the product as soon as possible. In the event of a refund of canceled orders, we reserve the right to charge a 5% refund fee to cover the merchant and administrative expenses.

If flower delivery is rejected by the recipient for any reason, flower letter has no obligation to refund or exchange. But Flower letter will try to solve the problem with the person who ordered the flowers. The sales contract is between Flower letter and its customers who ordered flowers. Flower letter will not discuss any of these unlikely series of events unless it receives a written letter.

Flower letter does not deiver to flowers by PO box number and not be held responsible for the wrong recipient's address. Make sure all addresses are complete and correct.

Although every effort is made to deliver on demand, Flower Letter cannot be held responsible for the delay due to bad weather and uncontrollable internal and external factors, and will try to deliver before or after the requested date, or as soon as possible.lee

If the recipient is not at the address at the time of delivery, the delivery person will try to find a place or establish security to receive the flowers, and will try to inform the recipient of the location. Sometimes, flowers will be left in a safe place at the address.